Thursday, 4 October 2012



It's been like months that I have not update. I felt so guilty. =______='' Feel like shooting an arrow to myself. Hiks!

Okay, maybe 2012 is not the year for me. I failed my previous exam which is Quantitative Analysis or Statistics and the worst part is, I have to cancel my trip.

And not only that, some random Indonesian girl trying to break off my relationship with my boyfriend. Imagine the horror that I have to go through. 4 DAYS OF NIGHTMARE. But Alhamdulillah, everything is back to normal now. Now, I pledge to myself I will be more active in blogging. Please kick me again if I'm going MIA.


  1. cancel your trip? whoa that's a tough part! But I guess you can save more money for a better trip right?? Stay strong Dyra !

    1. Thanks babe :) thanks for cheer me up,makes me feel much better :') *tears of joy*