Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June Haul : Watsons, Guardian, Daiso, lenses..

I'm glad my exam are over. Woot! Wooot!!

I hate statistics and I really hope I pass. My mum,boyfriend and my best friend promised to reward me if I pass. *Crossing fingers*Anyway, this month I bought some stuff from Guardian, Watsons, Daiso and some lenses. Pretty excited though because I haven't shop in a long time. Reviews are coming up in the next post by the way :)

These are the things I bought in either Watsons or Guardian


From top to bottom

  1. Schwarzkopf shampoo & conditioner and a mini shampoo
  2. mini wetwipes in different scents
  3. Revlon photoready concealer and I got the lightest shade
  4. Adidas foot protection shoe refresh
  5. My Beauty Diary facial mist
  6. Toni & guy daily style shampoo and follow me lady's choice rebonding hair cream
  7. Nivea whitening happy shave deodorant
  8. Sunplay powdery white sunblock lotion
  9. L'oreal white perfect transparent rosy whitening facial cleanser
  10. Ellips hair vitamin in shiny black
  11. Bio Essence celebrity choice

Then in Daiso I bought these,

  1. Fake eyelashes
  2. Champagne Pink glitter eyeshadow gel
  3. Double eyelid tape
  4. Collagen facial mist
  5. Eyebrow coat
  6. some random lace for deco
  7. Green tea deodorant mist

eheheheeee, I bought some contact lens solution and you can guess that I've just bought some contact lens :)

Before that, I bought some contact lens case for RM2.50 each except for the Hello Kitty one which is RM2.00. The Hello Kitty one I bought in a random RM 2 shop while others I bought it in a shop in Setia Tropika somewhere around the shoplot there.

Tadaaa, these are the contact lens I bought

The top part is Princess nudy brown while the bottom part is puffy tones pink. Bought it online at facebook, the seller is super friendly and has really good service with super fast shiiping service. Can bought it here : Genie Lens

There's nothing wring with the lens except it can be rather "foldable" like the picture above. But the lens itself is quite comfy to wear :) So that's include my June haul this month.


  1. Hi ,
    Lucky me I've found your blog..I'm not a Schwarzkopf user but I want to try these work well with your hair?? PLus..I love love love those cute lenses so cute..thanks for sharing your haul..=)

  2. Thanks dear! glad u like it :') inspire me to write more :)
    To me, schawarzkopf is not bad, it does gives me healthier hair but I can't stand the smell though.. Even my brothers hate it. But u can try take a sniff first, who knows you might like it? :)

  3. hey i want to ask how was the lady choice rebonding cream,does it work for ur hair?

  4. Hi the lady chioce rebonding how it work? Use it like conditioner?

  5. Hi the lady chioce rebonding how it work? Use it like conditioner?