Friday, 26 October 2012

Goodbye Solemates

I was cleaning out my shoe rack, so I took out all the shoes that I owned.

And here it is.
my solemates

Ta-dahh! My shoe collection from the year 2006 to 2012. It's very little, I know. I have to get rid of some of them since some of the shoe is already looking like a corpse. *tragic heartache*

Oh, remember the Adidas shoe spray thingy that I bought? The one that suppose to get rid of any shoe odour, I tried it when I'm cleaning up my shoe rack and I spray my shoes with it. Smells very masculine. I think it is more suitable for sports shoes.

It all started with the pink converse sneakers I wore to class. I though I have worn this quite some times and I need to wash it. Later, I notive my black Cotton On flat is dirty. Then my baby pink rose Vincci flat is dirty too. Then my Sugar's kitten heels are dirty too.Then that's how I decided I wanna clean up my shoe rack and my entire collection of shoes need to be sorted out as well. =,=

But there's some shoe that I need to get rid of to make way for my future new shoes. *heart attack*

I love this blue sequin wedges and I destroyed it when I went to Singapore for window shopping with my boyfriend.
I love you my blue solemate
I bought this when I was 15 when flats were in those days.
I thought it looked gorgeous back then, but now I think it looked quite hideous. hiks!
 Ahh, my red sling back ,peep toe heels which I absolutely love when I was 16.
I bought this boots for RM10. Mad right?!
I'm sad to throw it away since it was one of my best buys.
This is my favourite shoes back then, I even thought of keeping it
as a memory but it looks really bad that I have to throw it away.
My Balenciaga heels! I love these for baju kurung
Initially, the diamante is a bit spoil, but I purposely went out to buy a glue just to glue back the diamantes so I don't have to throw this baby out.
 I love these so much but they're a bit loose on me so I gave them away
Going matchy-matchy with my mom
the silver one is mine.
Random pics, the high cut sneakers is the one I'm throwing away
and the white heels I'm giving it away
while the rest I'm gonna wash it.
These are the shoes that need some washing.
I know I have a lot of flats but trust me, I seldom wear them as they give me blisters badly.
So that's how I spend my weekend by cleaning up my closet. Lame right? heeeeeeeeee^^


  1. I love those pair of boots ! Can't believe you got it for RM10 ! You got more shoes than me & I'm bit jealous right now T-T ~

    1. thanks babe :) but now I've thrown out most of my shoes just to give way fot my little bro to make way for his new shoes T_T