Monday, 12 November 2012

Quick update

I'm running errand like mad nowadays.

After I post my last blog, I had a camping trip with my friend at tanjung balau for a night. When I reach home, my mom told me to pack up because I had to accompany her to KL for 6 days. Then I had some rest for a couple of days before I head off to Singapore with a good friend of mine. Then there's some dates with the boyfriend and the little brother dates and not forgetting my house in under renovation and the list goes forever on.


Like seriously I look like a sick panda. Tsk tsk. I'm waiting for my Statistics result hopefully I pass. Amin. Oh oh I got some few haul post to do and some few tips here and there to post too. The next post will be about camping trip since I've just came back from one. I'm having my three days rest and I'm gonna make use of it with blogging. *hubba hubba*

Anyway, till then dearies. kisshugkisshug.

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