Friday, 25 May 2012


I've used up all these products and super happy to throw them into the bin. HAHA. There are some I'm going to repurchase and some not. Sorry for the bad background but I need to find something decent as a background other than the boring-tiles-floor right?? heee.. Besides, my camera quality isn't that good and I took this photo around 10 p.m?

So, cut the crap, just want to share what I've used up lately and some mini review on the product as well.

From left to right:
Biore Cleansing Oil                                                                                                               
 This product received some good reviews but I don't fancy it that much. As what it says, it is oil-based and I expect it to be really good or something. But for a one time removing makeup, I have to use at least 4 pumps and I think it's a wasting -_- but on the other hand it smells good though.

      Daiso thingy ( forget the name )
When I use it for the first time, it worked well! But the second time, such a bummer -_-

      Eversoft Pure Olive Oil
I use this to remove my eye makeup. It's really good. Repurchase!! heeeee

     Cyber Colors Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Holy ****! Swear by this is my holy grail eye makeup remover! It doesn't sting your eyes and it's just great! Repurchase repurchase!!

     Dettol hand sanitiser
By far the best scent ever produced by dettol. Nuff said.

     Nivea  Angel Star Deodorant in Icy Kiss
Smells good. It's okay-ish. Make my armpit more kissable. HAHA

     Nu Teen Blackheads Away Gel
Blackhead does goes away, but not for long .Not gonna repurchase.

    Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes
It's a little atas than okay. Loves the textures of the wipes though.

    Daiso Eyebrow Coat
This is super cool where it helps your eyebrow color stay put all day long. Pinch me if it doesn't -_-

    MBI Eyelash Adhesive
Not bad for a first-time fake eyelash user. But after found other eyelash adhesive, I don't bother to repurchase this.

   Silkygirl BB cream in Radiant
This is the old version. But this is my first time to finish up the BB cream. Even my foundation haven't finish yet. *clapping hands* not gonna repurchase though because I found other brand seem to be better.
  Lipice Sheer Color in Strawberry
Swear I used this since I was 16. Maybe gonna repurchase, but only with the strawberry scent.

I'm super happy I've used up all these products because now I can go to the nearest drugstore and buy some other new stuff. Should bring my father along though. *you-know-what-I-mean* heheeeeee (evil laughter)

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