Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cheer-up Haul

Well, what can you say? Shopping is indeed a girl's best friend. As for me, it's my BESTEST friend when I feel bad,bored or ecstatic about something. Anyway, I know I've just started this blog and I should update frequently but guess what happen to me these few days. I'm involved with a motor/car crash. Yup, an accident. But luckily it's not something serious just a minor crash but hey, my car is injured -_-"

*The story goes like this, I was driving on my way to my girlfriend's house to pick her up. We planned to go for a swim that day and I was driving a shorter way to avoid any traffic jams. So let's say my car is the third car, the first car is damn slow.  I mean like really really slow. So I can guess the second car which is in front of me is pissed off as well. Followed from behind is a motorbike and suddenly the effing first car just pressed the emergency break and the second car started to break and so am I. But the motorbike didn't break so it crashed into my car. Lastly, luckily Mimi ( my girlfriend ) and her father came to the rescue. Mimi's father helped settle my car and the motorcyclist. but I was still in a shocking state at that point. After a few days, I overcome the phobia and all and I went shopping =_= Like seriously? HAHA but shopping does feel good.

Here's what I bought in Watson's, Giant and KSL

At Giant,

From top to bottom :

  1. Intimate unscented pantyliners , like duhh , I bought it because I was excited about the Hello Kitty, nothing special though.
  2. Gillete Mach3 Razors , one of the best razors although it's for man -____-"
  3. Shokubutsu mini body wash, in a pack of 4 contains the scent of Thai, Oriental, Onsen & Balinese. One of the things that I'm excited about because it's cute and it's only for RM 3.You can get it at the Rm 3 section.

At Watson's

  1. Maybelline's HyperSharp Liner , one of the best eyeliners so far and mine already dry out, that is why I bought another one
  2. Maybelline's Lip Smooth Color Bloom in Pink , I love the one in peach but bought this to try out instead
  3. Rimmel's lipstick in Crush ( Forgot the name, sorry -___- ) I major loveee this color :)
  4. Garnier's Light B.B Eye Roll-On , tried and tested last few days, it's okay-ish.


Individual My Beauty Diary Sheet mask from a 'Pasar Malam' nearby
I don't know whether it's fake or genuine,
But I hope it does not burn my face
*blames the adrenaline beauty rush*
From top left,
  •  Apple polyphenol Mask
  • Intensive Rice-peptides Mask
  • Black Pearl Mask
  • Q10 Rejuvenating Mask
  • Arbutin Whitening Mask
  • Mixed Berry Mask
  • Provence Lavender Mask
  • Pearl Powder Mask
  • Black Cherry Chocolate Mask
  • Earl Grey Tea & Macaroon Sheet Mask
  • Honey Strawberry Mask
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask
  • A random shiseido thingy for blackhead

Later, there's this brand called Savee having a sale
where most items are Rm 1
so does the things I bought, all Rm 1
*Smilling and cursing myself for the uncontrollable adrenaline rush*

From top left,
  •  Rose mask
  • Jojoba Mask
  • Wheat Germ Mask
  • Evening Primrose Mask
  • Orange Mask
  • Soy Mask
  • Squalane Mask
  • Charcoal Mask
  • Macadamia Mask
  • 2 random blushers
  • 2 random eyeshadows in white and yellow

At some shop that sells 2 clothes for RM50,
I got this

It's a sheer skirt that is gorgeous but hideous on me -____- Oh dear, why did I buy this??? Well, that's for my haul this month. The damaged is about more than RM 200. *Hiding my face under the pillow* If my mum found out about this, she's going to kill me for buying too many facial mask where I already have 8 boxes of MBD mask to finish.. HAHA , well, this is the time I'm going to say "oh my goddddd, how am I going to use up all these mask??" Till then, toddles :)

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