Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Introduction :)

Hey everyone!
usually the first post is the most awkward post ever but anyhow, I'm starting with a hello to the world :)
People call me Dyra and the random picture above is me. teehee^^ . Anyway, just want to make things clear by stating a fact that I'm actually MALAY. Not chinese :) I'm a Malaysian and I study in Singapore but currently I'm staying in Malaysia. Yes, I'm going back and forth everyday and sometimes it can be tiring. Well, this blog is going to be about lifestyle,beauty and whatsoever that comes into my mind. I'm not perfect and so does my language so pardon me if there is any grammar or spelling error. I will try my best to improve my language and keeping this blog as interesting as possible. Guess that's all I wanted to say, toddles :)

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