Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oh hi!

Well hello there!

Oh my Allah, like seriously I don't know why my laptop can't access to blogger. what a bummer -__-

It's been a year that my laptop had a minor fight with blogger that cause me wondering around whether someone has hack my blogger account or whatsoever. Duuhh! ( like anyone have the time to hack blogger account? )

Well, a little update then. As you know, I'm in my degree year and time really flies as I almost finish my degree. walah. I can't believe that I'm in Singapore for years already. Maybe I should find a job there? Then apply for a PR? We'll see.

Oh my love life? the bf is fine for now. *chuckles*

What did I learn through out my degree year? Despite the textbooks and notes, I learned that we should not stereotype people. I'm in an environment that is full of foreign students from all over the world. Like come on. when you look at someone. I mean LOOK. You will think he or she might be snobbish or nice or maybe smart! Well, like the idioms always said :" Don't ever judge the book by its cover" During my diploma years, my bestfriends are Malaysian. And I thought I don't want a bestfriend from another country. But waa-lah, one of my bestfriends is from China and she's really nice!!! My first impression of her is she's gonna be like one of those stuck up, rich girl in class but the truth is, she's really humble. I love her for that! Better not say anything bout my classmates here because it's really sensitive. Muehehehee.

My passion for makeup? It's still there. And I have tons of makeup that I have not use or worst, still in a nicely wrapped packaging after a few months from the date I purchased. Goodness me, it is such an addiction. And now I'm addicted to clothes too. Well, I'm a lady. What can you say bout that?

Lastly, YAYYYY like finally I can log into my blog. phew~
Till then dearies, ttyl :)

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