Monday, 17 December 2012

It's a wonderful life! Sort of,

HAH! remember the last two post saying I will update more often and bla bla bla?
Guess what, after I said those words, my country manager who represent Malaysian student called me all the way from Singapore..

He asked me whether I really want to take the degree program and of course lah I said YES!
then he said, I've passed my statistics test and he told me to go to Singapore the very next day for the reporting day for the degree program. *blur*

I was like :"whaaat?" *double blur*
After a snap second then I went like

but I have to go to Singapore tomorrow *glass breaking, hearts shattered*

I am awfully tired!
Now, I'm in my degree year and this time I'm confirm in my degree year
since I received my statistics result officially and I changed my student pass

Life is better now though, at least I'm relieve I've passed my statistics
but degree is tough. Like no joke, everyone in my class is sooooo smart
I thought I AM the class's nerd -__-"
And now, I have other things that I need to struggle : ECONOMICS
But wahey! at least I got to be my usual self ( talkative) rather than a quiet dudette sitting quietly in the corner of my class.


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  1. Congratulation!! You know what?? You should celebrate it after your hard work ! =)